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One of three Audi racers will now likely be crowned the winner of this year's Le Mans 24 Hours.

We're only a few hours away from the completion of this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. The historic endurance race, which takes place every year, is always fully of drama, a crash or two, and many unexpected occurrences. Since the race is still ongoing, we wanted to give all of you some highlights so far. As of now, Audi is currently leading the race. Specifically, the Audi R18 is leading the pack. Toyota, another main rival, is out of contention due to both of their cars being retired due to a couple of crashes, one of which is featured here in this video.

It's quite something as you can see the No. 8 Toyota TS030 piloted by Anthony Davidson have a little run-in with the No. 81 AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia being driven by Piergiuseppe Perrazini. Davidson attempted to overtake the Ferrari from the inside, but the latter bumped into him which caused the massive accident.

Initially both drivers appeared to be just fine, but it was soon announced that Davidson suffered two fractured vertebra. The Toyota No. 7 TS030 Hybrid soon suffered an accident of its when it crashed into the Nissan DeltaWing, which sent the latter into a wall and knocked it out of the race entirely.

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The TS030 Hybrid had trouble of its when it kept stalling in the pit lane and mechanics had to push it back to the garage where it was soon retired from the race. According to the most recent updates (as of this writing), the Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro racers were leading the charge followed by an R18 Ultra. Basically, it's Audi's race to lose as all four cars are now up against each other.

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