Lead Me On: Volvo Concept You for Frankfurt Teaser Video


Volvo's Concept You is coming soon.

Volvo has just released a new teaser video for their latest concept, set for debut next week in Germany. The recently-titled You Concept is based on the previously reported Concept Universe. The video shows the design phase and a few quick glimpses at the new model. An aggressive (and production-ready) front-end is revealed along with Volvo's signature grille and all-new LED headlights.

The You will feature a vast array of diesel and gasoline 4-cylinder engine options that will be available. The engines were designed under the Volvo Environmental Architecture for a more environmentally friendly feel. Commenting on the new range of engines, Volvo R&D head Peter Mertens said: "We will develop four-cylinder engines with higher performance than today's six-cylinder units and lower fuel consumption than the current four-cylinder generation. It's a bold step to restrict ourselves to four cylinders, but it gives us huge freedom and opportunities in achieving our CO2 targets."

The Volvo You Concept will make its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show next week.


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