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Leaf Owner Arrested For Stealing 5 Cents Of Electricity

We shudder to think of what they must do to people who use toilets without permission in this town.

The story here is pretty straightforward, if a bit odd. One Kaveh Kamooneh went to Chamblee Middle School to pick up his son from a tennis game, and while waiting for him, Mr. Kamooneh plugged his Nissan Leaf into one of the school’s external outlets, getting about 5 cents of electricity out of it before a Chamblee, Georgia police officer arrived. His having been alerted by an anonymous but vigilant crime stopper who called 911 (seriously).

Kamooneh was ordered to unplug his car, which he did. Then, for some reason which hasn’t been made clear, the police waited 11 days to come arrest him. Police justify enforcing the 5 cent loss with a much, much costlier arrest and overnight stay in jail by saying that plugging in the car without permission was theft, even though it was Saturday and there was nobody to ask. Best to hope he didn’t also drink from a water fountain while he was there, because that would be two thefts. We’re just looking forward to wave of arrests that come when parents recharge their phones during PTA meetings.

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