Leaked: 2013 Citroen ID

Citroen has seen their new 2013 ID leaked online in a video.

A video was quickly posted online and then, even quicker, removed. The guys at Auto Motor und Sport were on top of things and managed to grab a few screen captures of the content of the video. And what, pray tell, was said content? The 2013 Citroen ID sedan. The new sedan, marketed to families on a budget, features some stylish design cues and chrome accents around the sedan's exterior. The screen captures even show off the new Citroen's wraparound taillights.

They also give away some information on the interior. A three-spoke steering wheel and infotainment system can be seen pretty prominently in the new 2013 ID. Known in-house as the M43, the 2013 Citroen ID should run a bit more than its rival from Chevy, the Dacia, and use a lineup of diesels.

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