LEAKED: 2021 Updates For BMW X5, X7, And 3 Series

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The mid-range BMW X5 V8 is no more.

We've nearly reached the halfway mark of the year, which means that automakers will be gradually releasing the details of 2021 model year updates. BMW will be updating its popular 3 Series sedan and X5 and X7 SUVs, and although it hasn't announced exactly what these changes will be, a user on Bimmerpost - a BMW Client Advisor, no less - has shared some of the juicy details relating to comfort and tech features, along with powertrain revisions.

While none of these models are due for a major update, the changes are just enough to keep them competitive. Common to all these model lines, wireless Android Auto will finally be standard. For years, BMW lagged behind arch-rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz by not offering this functionality for Android users.

2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Sedan Front Angle View BMW
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Sedan Rear Angle View BMW
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Sedan Side View BMW
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Sedan Dashboard BMW

The 3 Series sedan gets the fewest changes, with a revised color palette that now sees the return of Glacier Silver Metallic and a new Phytonic Blue Metallic shade. Automatic high beams and SiriusXM with a one-year all-access subscription will be standard, while M sport brakes with red calipers are a new option.

The BMW X5 has a longer list of changes, including the big news that the mid-range V8 50i variant falls away - could this be the beginning of the end for BMW's V8 engines? The even more powerful M50i V8 remains, though, as does the 40i. The X5 M performance model should remain, too. The Premium Package now encompasses a Harmon Kardon audio system, carbon-fiber trim is now offered on the M50i, and the Executive Package now includes glass controls, which was previously a standalone option.

2019-2020 BMW X5 Front Angle View BMW
2019-2020 BMW X5 Rear View Driving BMW
2019-2020 BMW X5 Side View Driving BMW
2019-2020 BMW X5 Interior Lighting BMW

On the three-row BMW X7, the 48-volt mild-hybrid system that has made it onto the 2021 5 Series now appears on the 40i variant, too. Heating for the front seats, steering wheel, and armrests are standard on all X7s. On the six-cylinder 40i, the Premium Package includes soft-close doors, a head-up display, rear window shades, and gesture control.

Interestingly, BMW has removed several options entirely such as night vision, the Off-Road Package, and the rear-seat entertainment options. One can assume that this is based on what customers have ordered in the initial year that the X7 has been on sale.

Prices for the 2021 BMW 3 Series, X5, and X7 aren't known yet, and the same goes for the official launch date of these revised model lines. But considering the nature of the changes, we don't expect a big difference in their respective starting prices of $40,750, $58,900, and $73,900.

2019-2020 BMW X7 Front View BMW
2019-2020 BMW X7 Rear View BMW
2019-2020 BMW X7 Dashboard BMW
2019-2020 BMW X7 Panoramic Sunroof BMW
Source Credits: Bimmerpost

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2019-2020 BMW X7 Shifter
2019-2020 BMW X7 Badge
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Sedan Dashboard
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Sedan Side View
2019-2020 BMW 3 Series Sedan Front Angle View

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