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The new flagship doesn't come cheap.

The gargantuan Lexus LX 600 was revealed last month as the Japanese marque's new flagship SUV. It comes with all the power, space, and capability that has been synonymous with the LX moniker, and it takes the fight straight to America's most badass SUV, the new Cadillac Escalade. As is often the case with a new release, the automaker doesn't immediately reveal pricing information, and that's been the case with the new LX as well. Thankfully, a new post on the Japanese site Creative 311 has leaked JDM pricing for the LX 600 that gives us a clue as to how much the SUV could cost in North America.

Creative 311
2022 Lexus LX Front View Driving Lexus
2022 Lexus LX Forward Vision Lexus

The post lists prices for three trim levels: Base, Off-Road, and Executive. The entry-level model, if you can call it that, begins at 12,500,000 yen or the equivalent of around $108,394. This price includes 10% tax in the region too. For perspective, the current, older Lexus LX begins at $86,930. Moving up the trim levels, the Off-Road model costs the equivalent of $111,870 and the Executive comes in at around $156,100. That's a huge jump from the mid-range Off-Road derivative. It's doubtful that the Executive, with two rows and ultra-luxurious seating for only four occupants, will be offered here. Excluding the LFA, the LX 600 Executive will be the priciest Lexus ever sold in Japan.

Creative 311
Creative 311
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Elsewhere in the post on Creative 311, snapshots of a Lexus brochure were posted that reveal some details about the LX 600. As this is a Japanese brochure, not all of the information in it will necessarily apply to US-spec models. Some of the exterior colors that will be offered include Sonic Quartz, Black, Manganese Raster, and Telan Khaki Mica Metallic. Wheel sizes go from 18 to 22 inches in size. Inside, customers will be able to specify colors like Black, Crimson, Hazel and White/Dark Sepia. On the Executive, semi-aniline upholstery is offered in Black or Sunflare Brown.

2022 Lexus LX Lateral View Lexus
2022 Lexus LX Rear Perspective Driving Lexus

While Japan does without an F Sport version, we will see a trim like this in the US. It'll have an F mesh design spindle grille, bespoke seats, and more to set it apart from other models. As in Japan, a high-end Mark Levinson sound system will be optional. In Japan, this will add around $2,375 to the bill. A rear-seat entertainment system, meanwhile, will cost in the region of $2,489.

When it was revealed, the Lexus LX was expected to arrive at US dealers in the first quarter of 2022. This latest post specifies a similar delivery date of March 2022 in Japan. Although it isn't cheap by any means, the new LX 600 looks set to retain its reputation for robust luxury.

2022 Lexus LX Interior Overview Lexus
2022 Lexus LX Back Seats Lexus

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2022 Lexus LX Side View
2022 Lexus LX Lateral View
2022 Lexus LX Front View Driving
2022 Lexus LX Rear Perspective Driving
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