Leaked! 2023 Acura Integra Interior Looks Like The Civic's

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Not surprising but still disappointing.

From the moment it was revealed, there's been criticism about the exterior design of the 2023 Acura Integra. Though no coupe will be offered, the liftback sedan, though attractive, still looks too much like the latest Honda Civic. A more aggressive design on par with the bold TLX had been expected. Fortunately, Acura appears to have built a fun-to-drive compact luxury sedan with a six-speed manual. Unfortunately, its interior looks awfully familiar. Again.

Images of the 2023 Integra's interior have leaked online via the CarCounsel Instagram page. They're not of the best angles but we can still see the manual shifter surrounded by a piano black glossy finish that continues on the center console, dashboard, and infotainment system surround.


We do like the two-tone black and white leather upholstery covering the seats and door panel accents. But still, the overall dashboard design and infotainment screen just scream Civic. Are they completely identical? It doesn't appear so.

But based on what we're seeing here, Acura could face more backlash from longtime Integra fans who were hoping for something unique. They don't want to buy a more expensive Civic even though both cars share a front-wheel-drive platform. They simply want an Integra that's unique. We'll hold off on final judgment until the production-spec Integra is revealed in full, something that should happen fairly soon.

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We do know the Japanese luxury brand has some cool plans for its new entry-level model. Last August, we uncovered a trademark application filed by Acura for the "Integra Type S" name. Type S versions of the MDX and TLX already exist, so this naming strategy makes complete sense. Expect the Integra Type S to be more powerful and have an improved suspension. This vehicle should also be revealed in the near future though we don't know just yet whether it'll go on sale for the 2023 model year.

Regardless, don't expect its interior design to be much different than that of the regular Integra - or Civic, for that matter.

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