LEAKED: Best Look Yet At The 2024 Mercedes E-Class

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As you'd expect, it's a bigger C-Class.

The next-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been spied several times, but now we have our clearest look yet at the new executive sedan thanks to leaked patent images.

These images were shared on the Cars_Secrets Instagram page, though it's unclear which patent office Mercedes-Benz filed. Merc did not go wild with the new E's design as we expected. It looks exactly like a bigger C-Class and a smaller S-Class, which is precisely on target for the E.

The rear also resembles the C-Class and S-Class sedans, both introduced in the last two years. It seems Mercedes-Benz and BMW are taking a completely different approaches in design, with BMW making a clear distinction between its volume and top-tier models.


From the side, it's a standard sedan, which is to be expected. We already know Mercedes is working on the next-generation CLS, which is an E-Class built for people who want something a bit more interesting to look at. We also know that the E-Class Convertible and Coupe are dead, and will be replaced with the all-new CLE and CLE Coupe. Thanks to a drop in demand, the new CLE-Class will replace C and E-Class convertibles and coupes.

The 2024 E-Class will likely inherit the all-new fully digital interior, which consists of a massive touchscreen interface and a large digital instrument cluster. Naturally, some of the S-Class' tech will siphon down into the E's interior.


The next-generation E-Class is widely believed to be the last of its kind. A full EV will eventually replace it.

Until that happens, it will soldier on with a selection of four and six-pot engines with 48-volt mild-hybrid assistance. It's still unclear whether Mercedes-AMG will keep the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 for the inevitable E63.

If we had to guess, we'd say that Mercedes-AMG will use its new four-cylinder turbo-hybrid engine to power the in-between AMG model, more commonly known as the E53. The E63 will likely keep its V8 if only to remain competitive against the upcoming hybrid M5.

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