LEAKED: BMW M8 Competition Shows Its Face

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It won't be much longer until this heathen is on our streets.

As the stream of 8 Series out of BMW's Dingolfing plant in Germany turns into a fast-flowing river, so too does information about versions that will follow the M850i xDrive, the first model of the series to go on sale. By now we know BMW is cooking up extra versions of the 8 Series including a four-door Gran Coupe, a diesel, a base 840i, an M8, and an M8 Competition that'll really bring spice to the automaker's flagship model. It was only six months ago that we caught a glimpse of the M8 Competition by means of leaked images posted online, but now it's happened again. Our second look at the BMW M8 Competition comes courtesy of a picture that was posted to Instagram and across various automotive forums.

While it's not as clear a picture as we got from the first leak, the fact the car looks even more aggressive here is telling of how well the design team did. Still present is a two-tone color scheme that relies on the body's red paint to contrast with a blacked-out grille, a front air intake, side mirrors, and wheels. The M8 Competition's previous leak helps us fill in some more blanks about the car, like the fact those air intake accents are actually made of carbon fiber. Though it's hard to see the rear end from this angle, we also know that the M8 Competition will feature a lot of carbon fiber garb, such as a unique rear spoiler that can be optioned on the M8, a rear diffuser that houses four black exhaust tips, and a carbon fiber roof standard across the model range.

Unlike the M850i xDrive, the M8 Competition's quad exhaust system will be exposed to the eyes of passersby, not just for added visual aggression but because they'll have the job of venting the fumes from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8's temper tantrum. Currently, the M850i xDrive delivers an intimidating 523 horsepower to all four wheels using an 8-speed automatic transmission. We fully expect the M8 to push that number north, into the neighborhood of 615 horsepower. But in order to not let the 625 horsepower M5 Competition outdo BMW's flagship model, the M8 Competition will likely have its output cranked up to around 635 horsepower or more, just to play it safe. At this point in time we've heard that the M8 and M8 Competition will on sale at the same time, meaning that the price of upgrading from the "regular" M8 to the Competition model will be the deciding factor in each models' take rate.

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