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What the carmaker doesn't want you to see (yet).

This situation was likely to happen and now it has. Interior images of the upcoming production-spec Volkswagen ID.Buzz have leaked online ahead of the fully electric van's official March 9 debut. The four interior shots, originally posted on a private Facebook but have since been removed, show the nearly production-ready interior.

Only a dashboard and instrument display are partially covered by a thick piece of cloth but the rest remain completely bare. Chances are, this pre-production model that's still wearing the rainbow-colored body wrap was parked for what could be a location shoot and someone spotted it. Whether the doors and rear liftgate were left open or purposely opened by the photographer is unknown and irrelevant.

Marcus Muller/Facebook Marcus Muller/Facebook

What matters is that this is the real deal. The rear of the van contains a shelf of sorts located just a few inches above the floor. Why is that? The likely reason is to create a fully-flat loading floor, a necessary feature in the US and other markets to officially qualify the vehicle as a van. The rollout cover above the shelf and floor is there to help hide any cargo from potential theft.

Moving to the second row, notice that the folded left-side seat perfectly aligns with the deployed rear shelf, thus creating an even larger flat floor for additional and more convenient storage. The ID.Buzz, due to its floor-mounted battery pack, does not have second-row seats that can fold flat into the floor, such as those found in the Chrysler Pacifica.

Marcus Muller/Facebook Marcus Muller/Facebook

VW designers had to come with an alternative solution, hence the shelf. Look closely and you'll also spot a side image of the van stamped into the seat plastic.

Up front, the driver and passenger seats receive cool-looking premium cloth upholstery. The "ID" logo is also embossed in the seatbacks. As we've already seen, the ID.Buzz's dash and infotainment screen appear to be quite similar to what's found in the ID.4, though there are likely to be some minor differences. Storage space looks to be plentiful as well throughout the cabin. This is merely a preview of what's to come in just over a month's time.

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