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Leaked Dealership Brochure Details 2018 Mustang Special Features

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Ford throws new tech, more horsepower, and a Midnight Blue interior into the mix to keep the Mustang fresh.

We already know quite a bit about the most list-worthy features on the 2018 Mustang including its optional 10-speed automatic transmission and the welcome loss of the old V6 engine. Ford has even given us wind about its pulsing starter button that flashes at the same rate as the heartbeat of the horse the car is named after. There were still a few details missing, but thankfully, a member of Mustang6G forums has leaked a dealership brochure that helps fill in quite a few of those gaps.

Aside from the turbocharged four-cylinder and V8 engine options, which see "TBD" lettering over the horsepower and torque output sections alluding to slight gains in each, the six-speed manual has been reworked to net better gas mileage. And while most of the changes will include exterior cosmetic updates that improve aerodynamics and ensure a crispy fresh exterior, Ford has added new LED headlights, three new optional paint colors, and a myriad of performance and aesthetic upgrades housed in eight different packages. These are given outlandish names like the Black Accent Package of the Carbon Sport Interior Package in order to further entice prospective muscle car buyers.

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Ford makes no mention of what any of these packages are loaded with, but upgraded shocks, new cross-axis joints, and reworked stabilizer bars will work in conjunction with the Magneride adaptive dampers and four separate drive modes to provide optimal ride quality and performance. Those lucky enough to buy their way inside will be treated to a new digital display similar to the one on the GT supercar, which replaces the dials and gauges with screens. A new Midnight Blue interior scheme should make for an interesting variety for those with darker tastes.

Given the Mustang's dismal two-star Euro NCAP crash test rating, Ford has decided to work driver aids like lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, pre collision assist with pedestrian detection (hooray for Cars and Coffee attendees), and a reverse sensing feature into the options list. Expect to hear more updates about this car and its next-generation features as its fall 2018 dealership delivery date nears.