Leaked Documents Allege BMW M3 CS Coming To America With 543 Horsepower And xDrive

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The M3 CS is shaping up to be an epic track weapon.

Leaked internal documents appear to show that a 543 horsepower left-hand drive BMW M3 CS is headed to America.

We've spotted the M3 CS testing numerous times, but it remained to be seen whether it would be sold locally.

The leaked documents, shared originally to Bimmerpost by a user, show three internal model codes- a European left-hand drive model (61AY), a Euro RHD car (62AY), and most critically, for those of us in America, a LHD USA model (63AY). The only difference between the three model codes is for steering orientation.

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What's more, these documents quote specific power figures for the M3 CS.

As rumored, the CS will use the same engine as the M4 CSL to produce 543 horsepower. However, actual outputs for the CS could be even higher than that. Historically, BMW softballs the numbers on its M cars. Regardless, that power will come from the brand's twin-turbo 3.0 S58 six-cylinder.

However, torque figures have yet to be confirmed. BMW could also fiddle with these, given the minor mechanical differences between the M3 CS and the M4 CSL. We expect the CS to land somewhere around 480 lb-ft of torque.

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In addition to the actual horsepower, these documents suggest the M3 CS will pack BMW's xDrive AWD system, something the M4 CSL does not get. However, the "transmission" text block on the leaked docs shows a "?" next to it.

We've seen shots of the CS' interior, which clearly show BMW's unmistakable automatic shifter in the center console. Getting a manual in the track-focused CS is unlikely, but the documents do not confirm a transmission option for whatever reason.

We've known for some time that the CS will be a limited run, and production will likely stretch from March next year to February 2024. No word yet on how many units are planned or when a potential reveal could occur.

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