LEAKED: Ferrari's Latest One-Off Creation Looks Outrageous

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But what is it based on underneath?

Numerous leaked images recently emerged, revealing a new limited edition version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Initially rumored to be called the 812 Versione Speciale, we now know the car will go by 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A. While Ferrari fans wait for the Competizione's official reveal, yet another big leak just emerged from The Supercar Blog, this time showing the next Ferrari one-off car.

This single image shows the Ferrari F125 TDE, which stands for Tour de Espana (Tour of Spain). That is just the rumored name, though, and could be subject to change like the 2022 Ferrari 812 Competizione. As of now, the underpinnings for this car are unknown. Ferrari one-offs are typically based on an existing production car, but this one is rumored to use the outgoing F12 TDF as a base.

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The car clearly looks front-engined, though the bodywork is much different than anything we've seen on a production Ferrari. It looks extremely aggressive, like a non-street legal track toy, though the Abu Dhabi license plates hints that it will be drivable on the public road. This is among the boldest Ferrari one-off projects we've seen, with some outrageous design elements scattered around the car.

It appears to have a wrap-around windshield with A-pillars that blend into the side windows. A massive rear window extends high into the roof, likely letting a ton of sunlight into the cabin. It also looks like the side mirrors are square in shape. The fixed spoiler blends into the bodywork in a unique way and contains a cool split design. At the back, the dual exhaust pipes are mounted high up, freeing the rear for a massive diffuser.

2016-2017 Ferrari F12tdf Driving Front Angle Ferrari
2016-2017 Ferrari F12tdf Rear Angle View Ferrari
2016-2017 Ferrari F12tdf Engine Ferrari

The Ferrari F125 TDE should feature a potent V12 engine under the hood, likely the same one found in the F12 TDF or 812. We can expect well over 700 horsepower, likely creeping closer to 800 hp. Ferrari may decide to reveal this latest one-off alongside the 812 Competizione and Competizione A - which is expected to arrive tomorrow, May 5 - though some owners are a bit less public with their cars than others.

Top Front View Ferrari
Rear View Driving Ferrari
Top Rear View Ferrari
Seats Ferrari
Source Credits: The Supercar Blog

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2016-2017 Ferrari F12tdf Driving Front Angle
2016-2017 Ferrari F12tdf Rear Angle View
2016-2017 Ferrari F12tdf Engine
Top Front View

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