LEAKED: Ford Maverick Tremor Details Confirmed

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Ford jumped the gun and gave away the Maverick Tremor's secrets.

Someone at Ford is going to be in a little trouble. See, the Ford Maverick Tremor was just completely let out of the bag. Thanks to a flub on Ford's part, the new off-road model, which we dug up at the patent office in December last year, is now confirmed. More than that, we know exactly what upgrades will be made to the Ford Maverick thanks to a screenshot off Ford's site.

In short, the list is pretty solid. The Tremor will have some kind of "Advanced 4x4" with a new "differential" hooked to the brand's 2.0-liter four-cylinder. That might sound familiar to those who've spent time in a Bronco Sport Badlands. The new Mav Tremor's "diff" will likely come from there, using a twin-clutch rear drive gear, which effectively simulates a locking diff.


The text also states that the Tremor will get selectable drive modes. Unfortunately, no real specifics are supplied. We're betting they'll be Ford's patented G.O.A.T modes (Goes Over All Terrain), and will include modes for snow, sand, dirt, and mud, just like on the Bronco. There will be seven in total. Still, don't expect a carbon copy. Other software includes Ford's Trail Control tech, a 180-degree camera with split view and washers. Presumably, that'll be to keep the mud off the lenses.

Of course, that also includes off-road suspension. It's not clear how the new setup is tuned, but the suspension setup itself gives a 1-inch lift, which likely means an inch higher than the FX4 truck. However, that paired with the new 235/65/R17 "All-Terrain Off-Road Tire" (as Ford calls it) should give another inch or two of clearance for the little truck.

LShaped210/Maverick Truck Club

Supposing that clearance isn't enough, Ford will include some bash plates. It's likely these are limited to the underside of the truck. The image below doesn't appear to show any that are visible unless they're painted black and we can't see them. However, if you do get stuck, it appears the Maverick Tremor will get some tow hooks, located below the lights on the bumper. Also included will be some interior accents, Tremor-branded headrests, and some orange stitching.

The fine print on the below image also states these models will be made available to order in August of 2022. We're betting that means an official debut is imminent. The text also says that the trucks will be "arriving Fall 2022," suggesting this truck is ready to go.

LShaped210/Maverick Truck Club

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