LEAKED: Full Pricing Info For The 2021 Ford Bronco And Bronco Sport

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And just how much markup dealers are making. Someone's getting fired for sure.

We don't need to tell you that the internet has been all atwitter about the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco. No doubt you've already been bombarded with countless news articles and social media posts covering every conceivable aspect of the rugged new off-roader, which revives a beloved nameplate last seen during the first Clinton administration.

Yet until now, we never had the full lowdown on the 2021 Bronco's pricing - something that's just been rectified by a recent leak via Bronco6G. Not only does it have the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for each and every trim level on the two-door Bronco, four-door Bronco, and smaller Bronco Sport model, but it includes the dealer invoice with holdback for each.


The inclusion of that info tells us that this pricing guide likely leaked from a US Ford dealer or employee, and it could give customers a bit of extra ammunition when it comes time to haggle on price at the dealership - that is, assuming the leaked documents are the real deal. Also included are suggested retail prices and dealer invoice amounts for a wide range of Bronco Sport options, although those MSRPs are already visible on the Bronco Sport's online Build & Price tool.

The leaked documents show a $2,495 price difference between the two-door and four-door Ford Bronco at every trim level save for two: Base, where there is a $4,700 price gap, and First Edition, where the difference is $4,195. Of course, First Edition pricing hardly matters anymore, given that reservations for the limited-edition Bronco trim are already full.

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As you might expect, according to the documents, the gulf between MSRP and dealer invoice grows as you move up in the trim hierarchy. The 2021 Ford Bronco two-door costs just $427 over dealer invoice on the Base trim - $498 for the four-door - but that figure swells to $1,261 on the Black Diamond (four-door: $1,349) and $1,710 on the hardcore Wildtrak model ($1,798 for the four-door). Destination and delivery, across the board, is Ford's standard rate of $1,495.

And just what are those MSRPs? The official site for the 2021 Ford Bronco confirms what these leaked documents suggest: a $28,500 starting price for the Base model, before destination, a $36,050 base MSRP for the Black Diamond, and a $48,875 price tag for the Wildtrak. The four-door versions start at $33,200, $38,545, and $51,370, respectively. The limited-batch First Edition rings the bell at $59,305 for two doors, or $63,500 for four.

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Source Credits: Bronco6G

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