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Championship White will stick around for the latest generation.

If you find the current Honda Civic Si Sedan to be underwhelming, perhaps the hotly anticipated 2023 Civic Type R is more up your alley. The outgoing model is considered to be one of the best driving hot hatchbacks ever made and, knowing Honda, the next generation will be even better. The newcomer has already lapped Suzuka quicker than its predecessor and when we spotted it at the Nurburgring, it looked to be going at an almighty pace.

In terms of performance and dynamics, the Si Sedan is simply no match for the halo Civic. But according to an internet discussion group called Civic11Forum, the lesser variant comes out tops in an unusual way - color choices. Citing information from Twitter user Honda Pro Jason, the forum has revealed that the Civic Type R will be available in a limited number of paint schemes.

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Just five options will be made available when the Type R arrives: Crystal Black Pearl, Boost Blue Pearl, Sonic Gray Pearl, Rallye Red, and the iconic Championship White. According to the post, all of the exterior colors will be offered with just one interior combo, a decidedly sporty Black/Red combination. Aside from the blue and red options, we're a bit disappointed by Honda's decision not to inject more vibrancy into the palette.

After all, the cheaper Si model is available in more exciting shades, such as Blazing Orange Pearl. The rest of the Si color choices are equally mundane and, like the upcoming Type R, are paired exclusively with a black and red interior. At least the Acura Integra provides buyers with more choice in terms of interior personalization. To be fair, five colors is more than what Volkswagen offers with the Golf R; Wolfsburg's ultimate hot hatch is available in a mere three shades.


We're pretty confident that most buyers won't be phased by the lack of choice. The Civic Type R has always emphasized thrilling performance and as long as it delivers on that front, little else matters. The rambunctious performer recently made its North American debut at the Indy 200, where it took to the track to display its sharp handling and appetite for corners.

Honda should be readying the Civic Type R for its official unveiling real soon, where we're likely to learn more about its technical details. It is likely to retain the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine from the previous model and that's no bad thing. The previous generation boasted strong outputs of 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, but Honda has potentially massaged the internals to provide a healthy power boost.


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