Here's Some Hard Proof Of The BMW M8 Competition Model

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Like the M2 and M5, the M8 will get its own hardcore version.

Ever since BMW revealed the 8 Series Coupe in M805i xDrive trim, speculation has begun on what the full M version will be like. Even BMW teased an M8 Gran Coupe Concept and has already confirmed that an M8 Coupe is on its way. Powertrain details are still unknown but it is expected to borrow the M5's 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 pumping out over 615 horsepower, which is a bit more than the standard M5's 600 hp figure.

While a 615-hp M8 would be more powerful than the standard M5, it would actually be less powerful than the M5 Competition, which has 625 hp. The M8 should be BMW's flagship M car, so it seems likely that a more powerful version is also in the works.

A leaked document on Bimmerpost appears to show various trim levels of the 8 Series Coupe, including the 840i and 840d, the M8, as well as the M8 Competition. Like the recent M2 and M5 Competition, it seems BMW will reveal a more hardcore version to go along with the M8.

The M2 Competition acts as a replacement for the M2, while the M5 Competition will be sold alongside the standard M5. According to this document, the M8 Competition will likely be offered alongside the M8.


If we had to guess, the M8 Competition will likely gain an additional 25 hp over the standard M8, putting the figure at around 635 hp. BMW will also sell a base 840i version, which will likely receive the latest turbocharged straight-six from the 340i producing at least 382 hp. There will also be a diesel version, though we doubt it will be sold in the US market. So if you're already on the waiting list for an M8, you may want to wait for the M8 Competition.

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