LEAKED: LaFerrari Spider Shown At Exclusive Event


That's the word on the street.

Slowly but surely, a mystery is being unraveled regarding the LaFerrari Spider; the most recent development being a private event held by Ferrari where they handed out nifty little carbon-fiber gift boxes to show off the new droptop hypercar. It would make sense for the spider to arrive to celebrate the Italianautomaker’s 70 years since the first Ferrari badged car: the 125s from 1947.Like the LaFerrari, the 125s also had a V12 but was just slightly smaller at 1.5 liters, and produced slightly less than the LaFerrari’s 963 hp - around118.

Just think of it as 120-odd additional horsepower per decade. In any case, it’s thought that the Spider will be released next year, but don’t bother trying to pay the (probably more than) $1.69 million to get one. FXX K owners have first dibs, according to company insiders, and if they can afford one they can probably afford the other. Supposedly only 150 will be made, that number possibly jumping to 200 but there are no guarantees. Beyond removing the roof it’s likely the LaFerrari Spider will keep the hybrid setup from its coupe brethren. Like any convertible it’ll probably be heavier, due to things like frame reinforcing and the motor itself for the convertible top. Spiders after all have severely reduced structural rigidity.

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None of this should be surprising, as it’s been long awaited that Ferrari would cut the top off of its LaFerrari, but any news surrounding it is still palpable. Keep in mind the car has not been confirmed by Ferrari, and you can bet there won't be one if they haven't announced it by the Paris Motor Show in October.