Lamborghini Countach 60 Anniversario Coming Next Year

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Lamborghini didn't want you to know about its next special edition.

Lamborghini has a long and storied history dating back to 1963 when Ferruccio Lamborghini got sick and tired of Ferrari and decided to transition from building tractors to building mega V12-powered supercars. Every five or ten years for the last 35, the company has commemorated the occasion with a special edition. And with the big 6-0 looming next year, CarBuzz has exclusively uncovered the name of the new model to celebrate the anniversary.

Lamborghini filed the trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the name "60 Anniversario" and a logo to go along with it. This comes just a few weeks after it filed a trademark for an all-new model named the Revuelto.

The question is, what will the special edition model be?

European Union Intellectual Property Office
European Union Intellectual Property Office

Over the last 60 years, Lamborghini has produced Anniversario models to celebrate 25, 30, 35, 40, and 50 years of existence. The Anniversario 25 was based on the poster-child Countach, while the 30 and 35 were based on the Diablo in various forms. The 40 was a Murcielago, while the P720-4 50 Anniversario was an Aventador.

By now, you'll have noticed a trend. All of these cars are based on Lamborghini's various halo models throughout the years, and all of them are powered by a naturally-aspirated V12. We should have seen it coming, but we were under the impression that the Aventador Ultimae was the very last of its kind.

But there's another possibility...

European Union Intellectual Property Office
European Union Intellectual Property Office

The logo for the special edition model shows a pair of horns on the top of the '60'. While the brand is colloquially known as the raging bull by virtue of its logo and its historic reliance on the names of famous fighting bulls for its cars, this could have a deeper meaning.

When the new Lamborghini Countach leaked ahead of its debut in August last year, one of the images that leaked showing its designation and therefore hybrid powertrain and horsepower output used the same horn insignia on the '800' of the LPI 800-4 designation. This isn't a common theme used by the brand, so we're willing to hazard a guess that early next year, we'll be introduced to a new Lamborghini Countach 60 Anniversario. Just 112 Countachs were slated for production, so it remains to be seen whether the new special edition is outside of that number or not.

We've even had a go at what we think the Countach 60 Anniversario could look like.

Front View Lamborghini
Top View Driving Lamborghini
View Out Back Lamborghini

We could be wrong, however, and Lamborghini could use it on an all-new model like the Revuelto. Should this be a hybrid V12, it would maintain its range-topping status. Lamborghini has been hard at work on development and a test mule was recently caught out in the open. With the final Aventadors having left the line in the form of the Ultimae, the announcement of a new model to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand would make quite a statement.

Expect to see the 60 Anniversario name on a lot of things though, as Lamborghini filed under sections 12, 25, and 28. Section 12 covers production cars and everything related to the segment, while sections 25 and 28 cover merchandising. That means a full range of clothing and other memorabilia to celebrate.


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