Leaked: Lamborghini SUV Headed to Beijing

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The Lambo SUV will compete with the likes of the Bentley SUV and Maserati Kubang.

Here we go; just a day after hearing that Lamborghini could be heading to Geneva with a couple of new models we have 'leaked' images to share via inautonews, who took it from the pages of the Italian publication quattroroute.it. From the Italian headline it appears the image is of a four-door coupe, but from the image alone the concept looks more like an SUV. Whatever it turns out to be we'll apparently get a chance to check it out at the Beijing Motor Show, which runs from April 23rd to 24th.

In 2009, the stunning Estoque concept was touted to be headed for production, but given the profit potential of the SUV market this seems the more likely. Just as the Porsche Cayenne follows the lines of the 911, a Lamborghini SUV would likely follow the lines of the Aventador but with power coming from the Gallardo's 575hp V10. Lamborghini's first SUV, codenamed the LM002, evolved from a project to build a military vehicle for the USA, whereas a new SUV would almost certainly focus on combining luxury with sportiness to attract the uber-rich of the US, China, Russia and India.

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