Leaked! Lamborghini Unica Ahead of Geneva


Get ready because Lamborghini isn't about to let Ferrari steal the show at Geneva.

The 2012 Geneva Motor Show starts this week and just to get things going a bit, some newly leaked photos have just hit the web showing what appears to be Lamborghini's upcoming concept. Called the Unica (Italian for ‘Only'), it's basically an Aventador sans a roof, windshield, or pillars. And it looks absolutely incredible. These leaked photos come courtesy of Czech website AutoForum.cz who is claiming that this is the exact car we'll see later this week at the premiere Swiss event.

The name of the concept is still not 100 percent official just yet, but Lamborghini has also just released this video with the Unica name at the end, so we're assuming this is final.

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More importantly, however, AutoForum.cz is claiming that like the Sesto Elemento concept from the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the Unica will likely see a very limited production in the near future (we're expecting to see the Sesto Elemento production version at Paris this September). Obviously, the Unica will likely be sold in very limited quantities, but we'll know more on March 6th from the showrooms floor of Geneva.