LEAKED: Lexus LX 600 VIP Will Be New Range-Topping SUV

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Internal document reveals new Lexus LX 600 trims.

During the recent reveal for the all-new 2022 Lexus NX crossover, it appeared that Lexus could have teased something much larger: the new LX. This model will replace the aging but rock-solid LX 570, the marque's flagship luxury SUV. We speculated that the new LX could possibly use the name LX 600 and it seems as though we were right. Spanish forum Cochespias recently shared a screenshot that looks to be from an internal company document. On it, we can see three new LX 600 models mentioned below two other variants that carry the existing LX 570 designation. Does this mean there will be two engine options?

2016-2021 Lexus LX Front Angle View Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Rear View Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Taillights Lexus

Along with a base LX 600, there is also an LX 600 F Sport and an LX 600 VIP. All of these models are indicated as being four-wheel drive and equipped with automatic transmissions. We are familiar with F Sport Lexus models, of course. These models aren't necessarily faster but come with an array of sporty interior and exterior upgrades to give them a more striking appearance. The LX 600 VIP sounds like it could be an armored version of the new LX. If you need bulletproof protection, there are many options out there but an armored LX 600 sounds like a good vehicle for the job. Then again, the VIP model could also be a quirky name for an ultra-luxurious version of the LX - think Lexus LS but with the ability to go off-road.

pedro carvalho/cochespias

Other than these new trim names, we also know that the new Lexus LX 600 will be based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series. We expect the LX 600 to use the same turbocharged V6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission as the Toyota, rather than the large naturally-aspirated V8 that does duty in the existing LX 570. The new Land Cruiser's 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 produces 409 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, comfortably exceeding the LX 570's outputs. Then again, Lexus does also have a twin-turbo V8 in its arsenal that could be perfect for a lumbering giant like the LX.

Interestingly, the same screenshot lists two LX 570 models, so these could be lower-powered versions of the same SUV with a different or detuned engine. We'll know more when the new flagship SUV is revealed, hopefully before the end of the year.

2013-2015 Lexus LX 570 Three Row Engine Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Dashboard Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Screens Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Rear Passenger Seats Lexus

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2016-2021 Lexus LX Dashboard
2016-2021 Lexus LX Screens
2016-2021 Lexus LX Front Angle View
2016-2021 Lexus LX Rear View

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