Leaked! New BMW 4 Series Is Coming With Massive Grille

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The controversy continues.

For the past several years, BMW has played it relatively safe design-wise. Since the controversial Bangle flame surfacing styling era came to an end, the German automaker has taken a more traditional styling approach. Not anymore. The BMW Concept 4, an almost production-ready next-generation 4 Series coupe, was shown over a year ago and it featured a massive front kidney grille. Some liked it, others didn't. But whatever one's opinion, BMW certainly grabbed plenty of attention.

And yes, that new grille is coming to production, as these newly leaked images of the new BMW 4 Series coupe clearly show. What you're looking at is the production-ready G22 4 Series. Anyone holding out hope BMW would change its mind about the large grille, well, here's your answer.

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Looking more closely at these images, it appears the final design is not quite as in your face, so to speak, as what we saw on the concept or in a previously leaked image, but it's still quite a departure from any other current model. We fully expect to see this grille design on the upcoming BMW M3 and BMW M4 as well and, more than likely, the eventual 3 Series sedan midlife facelift.

Looking back at these images, the front shot also shows the license plate frame mounted towards the bottom of the grille. We're not convinced this is the ideal location because it could interrupt the design's "flow". We'll reserve final judgment until the official reveal.


The single rear-end shot reveals the taillight design and it's far more conventional. We doubt it'll offend anyone. Large front grilles, in general, are nothing new today. Just look at Audi, one of BMW's most direct competitors. Even Mercedes-Benz is upping its styling language in a more aggressive manner.

In the meantime, expect the next-generation BMW 4 Series to debut in the very near future, perhaps as soon as next month at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

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