LEAKED: New BMW M2 May Get M4 Competition Engine

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A leaked BMW bulletin suggests that the G87 M2 could be capable of more power than expected.

The F87 BMW M2 CS is widely regarded as one of the finest Bimmers of modern times. With the S55 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six generating 444 horsepower, it's not slow by any means, but its G87 replacement needs to be even better. Munich has previously said that the 2023 BMW M2 will "boast a similar performance level to the BMW M2 CS," so we've been expecting roughly 450 hp in base form. This would make sense, as the M2 needs to be relatively underpowered compared to the 473-hp base M4. However, a leaked dealer bulletin shared on the Bimmerpost forum shows that the M2 may arrive with the same engine as the 503-hp M4 Competition.


As per the images uploaded by a user who goes by the name of Tag, we can see that the current M3 and M4 in base form are powered by an engine with the code S58O, which in this case is the standard engine offering with 473 hp. The M3 and M4 Competition get the 503-hp S58T engine.

Interestingly, the leaked dealer bulletin indicates that the North American M2 will be fitted with an engine bearing the same T suffix, which seems to indicate that the new coupe will have the same output as the M3 and M4 Competition. However, we also see in the top left of the image that the M2 is rated at 338 kilowatts, or 453 hp. What does this mean?


In our opinion, the engine code with a 'T' suffix appears to be an error. BMW would not release a cheaper M car with the same power as the halo M4 Competition and less weight - not as a regular series-produced model anyway. But this is not cause for disappointment; that 453-hp rating is still more than enough power for a sports car - just ask Porsche why the GT3 continually hovers around 500 instead of chasing more outright power. An earlier leak showed that the car will likely be offered with AWD as an option, so there's plenty of room for more power. Whatever the case, until we have official comment, it's just speculation.


Interestingly, a report from the UK recently claimed that Munich's engineers are already hard at work developing a hardcore version of the M2, likely a G-series M2 CS or even CSL. This is not a surprise considering how seriously BMW M is taking its 50th-anniversary celebrations this year, but we still have nothing concrete to relay. Thankfully, we don't have too much longer to discover the plans BMW has for the M2. According to insiders, the G87 M2 is expected to be revealed on October 11. In the meantime, however, we'll have to sit through the reveal of the ghastly BMW XM.


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