LEAKED: New BMW M2 Gets Bespoke Bumper

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It's in line with the big brother M4, but not in a bad way.

The latest BMW 2 Series has just been shown off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed following its global reveal earlier this month. The reveal almost came too late, as a leak had shown what the new 2 Series would look like just two days earlier, but if you follow BMW's goings-on religiously, you'll know that leaks of new products and features are nothing new for the Munich-based automaker. So just as the novelty of the new 2 Series is starting to wear off and we start wondering about the next M2, a leak arrives showing what the high-performance 2 could look like, at least from the front.

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The images you see above come via Bimmerpost, although the original source, said to be somewhere in China, has not been confirmed. As we can see, it appears that the next BMW M2 will follow the lines shown on the regular 2 Series, but draw more attention to their squared proportions. The lower grille expands to beyond the width of the above kidneys, which are pictured here as standalone elements with the new M-specific horizontal slat design. Below the headlights, the side intakes will be squared too. Carried over from the regular 2 will be a central radar sensor for advanced driver assistance systems.

Driving Front Angle BMW Forward View BMW
Driving Front Angle
Forward View

It should be noted that we have no way of confirming that this is indeed the new M2's front bumper design and could be just an aftermarket kit, but we find that unlikely considering that the new 2 Series has only just begun production. This bumper design seems credible also because of the very sharp angles seen on the regular 2's profile. So although the new base 2 Series seems more aggressive than before, this time the M2's design has been considered right from the very start. Expect a long but narrow, vertical M-style vent below the M badge on the fender but little else changed on the profile. Let's hope that BMW M can do something about that derriere, though, because we hate to see the new 2 Series leave.

Side View BMW Rearward Vision BMW
Side View
Rearward Vision
Source Credits: Bimmerpost

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