LEAKED: New Tesla Supercharger Locations In The USA

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This is good news for all EV owners.

Tesla recently published the details about its upcoming Supercharger stations on its website. The information was only online briefly before it was removed, but it was more than enough for Twitter's Supercharger King to map the new locations. Supercharger King's account exists to notify the public of Supercharger updates in North America, and he also runs a separate account for tracking updates to Rivian's Adventure Network.

The update to the Supercharger network is quite substantial. Tesla will open 342 new locations in the USA and 54 in Canada.

If you look at the map created by Supercharger King, you'll note a substantial gap in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and the Dakotas.

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While the map paints a bleak picture of these states, it's worth including a map of Tesla's existing network. It's still not great, but at least there's a charger in each of the 50 states.

Tesla recently embraced democracy by asking its customers to vote for new Supercharger locations. It's unclear whether these locations are a result of that voting process, but it was a great idea. Ask the customers where they are, and put more chargers there. The Supercharger network is, after all, one of the main reasons why customers are so committed to the brand.


The good news is that the Supercharger network will soon be open to other brands. Tesla first confirmed that it would open its network to other brands in June 2021. The idea was to speed up EV adoption, and Tesla said the network would be open to all by September 2022.

As per usual, with anything Tesla-related, it missed the deadline. But this time, it had good reason. Tesla was waiting for that sweet federal grant money to roll in. The Biden-Harris administration has been pushing hard for EV adoption, and part of the White House's plan is the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.


The federal government has set aside $7.5 billion to expand the USA's charging network, which gives Tesla a prime opportunity to expand its services using the taxpayer's dime. It's a win-win, except if you're not into the whole EV thing.

The latest announcement regarding opening the Supercharger network to other manufacturers came via the White House. It announced that Tesla would begin production of Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla drivers access later this year. The timing coincides beautifully with the information Tesla inadvertently leaked on its website.

The Supercharger network has been open to other manufacturers in Europe for a while, and we can finally look forward to the same here.

Only one question remains. Will Model Y fanboys be willing to share their turf with Mustang Mach-E owners without a fight breaking out?

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