LEAKED: New Toyota Supra Shows It Rear

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That is one sexy looking rear end.

The 2020 Toyota Supra will be here very soon, which is why leaked images keep popping up online. Earlier this month, an image of the front end and hood gathered lots of attention and today we have the rear end to share with you. Thanks to the folks at Supramkv.com this leaked image of the new Supra's sexy rear has made its way online. Merry Christmas, one day early.

We've really only seen glimpses of the rear end styling from previous spy shots, so this is the first time we've had a clear look at what's going on from behind. The expected dual exhaust pipes are encased in a rear diffuser along with an F1-style brake light. The right-angled taillight is also visible as well as the unique 'Supra' emblem.

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Everything here looks exactly as we hoped it would and, full props to Toyota designers, there's a real strong resemblance to the FT-1 concept's rear end styling as well. Just take a look at the photo of the concept we included. Of course some styling is toned down from concept to production, but that always happens. But a lot of styling elements remain, such as that F1 brake light, diffuser, and taillight design.

A couple of notable differences is that the exhaust pipes in the production Supra are not integrated into the body as they are on the FT-1. We actually prefer how they look on the Supra. But what we can't see at this time is whether or not the Supra will have the FT-1's retractable rear spoiler.


Chances are it won't and we're pretty confident about that. Though the pre-production Supra was covered in some light body camo hiding small styling details, just look at previous Supra images released by Toyota.

We expect to see additional leaked Supra images over the next few weeks ahead of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show where the reborn, fifth-generation Toyota Supra will make its first global appearance.

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