LEAKED: Only Select Dealers Will Get 2023 Nissan Z Allocations

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You get a new car, and you get a new car but not everyone gets the new Z.

It's always some bored dealership employee that risks a juicy leak like this. In this case, we applaud you. The highly anticipated 2023 Nissan Z will not come anywhere near meeting demand but will be spread out to get every potential buyer at least a glimpse of what they crave. The Nissan Z has been resurrecting to battle the A90 Toyota Supra and purists will argue is a far better retro design true to its roots and an exciting powertrain produced by the same company. Yeah, we went there again but the Supra also got a manual due to enthusiast buyers' demands, so the OEMs should always listen to them.

Nissan deployed all of the best of the Z lineage and now a New Nissan Z forum user (MCN1SMO) has leaked the allocation formula to meet the fevered demand for the new Z.

2023 Nissan Z Lateral View Nissan
2023 Nissan Z Front-End View Nissan
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We have been following the Z story for a while and can say Nissan got it right with the car. We've spent tons of time in the Z since its launch across three states, a snow storm, and varied terrain. If you are a sports car buyer, this is a solid consideration, even if you are a collector this may be one to hold onto as one of the last great internal combustion cars with a manual ever sold.

And sell they will with only 240 units accounted for in this leaked document. Things kick off in August 2022 when the Z Proto launch model will arrive at Nissan dealerships. To qualify for this, a dealer must have sold a minimum of 10 370Z units between January 2018 and the end of 2020.

MCN1SMO/New Nissan Z Forums
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Sounds easy, but the Z was old by then you couldn't give them away. So, the feat will be rewarded with one new Z Proto Spec. If a dealer sold 30 or more, they get two new Z-cars. Afterward, non-launch units will flow into dealerships at a rate of one Sport trim and one Performance trim but special consideration for historically high-volume Z dealerships.

Leveraging the dealerships with existing 370Z clients is a no-brainer for Nissan to move Z-Cars. We suspect this would primarily be in larger urban centers across the country and in warmer climates where a rear-wheel drive sports car can be driven all year. Beyond the allocation formula, the leak did also reveal future allocations by stating "Allocation is expected to revert to NNA's general ongoing allocation methodology after all trims have been available for approximately 90 days." Thankfully, more will pop up closer to the holiday season.

Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz
2023 Nissan Z Central Console CarBuzz
Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz
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