Leaked: Presenting The 2021 Ford EcoSport Active

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It's amazing what some plastic body molding can do.

The Ford EcoSport is the automaker's replacement for the now-discontinued Fiesta sedan and hatchback in the US. Although it's officially classified as a subcompact crossover, it was designed to appeal to Fiesta owners with its youthful attitude and an attractive list of standard features. But one thing is for certain: it's not a serious off-roader. After all, it is front-wheel-drive-based. But the Blue Oval feels it's time to give the EcoSport a rugged new attitude.

What you're looking at are leaked images of the new Ford EcoSport Active, courtesy of the folks over at Spanish language Autonocion.com. Supposedly, the official debut date isn't until November 6. However, it won't require a press release to make out many of the vehicle's new styling details.

Autonocion Autonocion Autonocion Autonocion

Clearly, it's an EcoSport, though to earn its so-called 'Active' badge the exterior has received additional body cladding around the wheel arches and new wheel designs. There's also fake front and rear skid plates, and the tinted windows and the darkened lowered body panels are nice touches.

The interior appears to also mostly be regular EcoSport, though the letter 'A' is embroidered in the driver and front passenger seatbacks just to remind everyone of its Active status. You may have also noticed these photos show the vehicle equipped with a manual transmission that currently isn't available in US-spec models. So this begs the question: will the EcoSport Active even be sold in the US?

Autonocion Autonocion Autonocion Autonocion

That remains unknown at this time, but the European model, at least those sold in Spain, will only be powered by the 1.0-liter EcoBoost inline-three with 125 horsepower. The North American EcoSport has an optional 2.0-liter inline-four as well, and both front- and all-wheel-drive are available. Spanish market EcoSport Actives will also come standard with automatic headlights, cruise control, push-button start, and leather upholstery.

We've reached out to Ford North America inquiring about the EcoSport Active's status and we'll update this space if we receive a relevant reply. Still, we kind of doubt it'll reach our shores and we'd honestly prefer to have the currently Europe-only Ford Puma instead.

Autonocion Autonocion Autonocion Autonocion
Source Credits: Autonocion

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