LEAKED: Say Hello To The Ferrari SF90 Le Mans

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A leaked image arrives of the track-focused, hardcore SF90 that's tipped to wear the Le Mans moniker.

According to the mysterious Instagram account sf90lm, the upcoming track-focused special edition of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale will be called the SF90 Le Mans, or SF90 LM. The account, which has been posting camouflage pictures of the vehicle for a few weeks now, recently posted a picture of the sports car uncovered in the Ferrari factory.

The car, painted in typical Rosso Corsa red, is being worked on with its hood up. In the background, you can see a Purosangue super SUV as well, adding credence to the claim this was taken in the company's factory in Maranello. Is this a brazen Ferrari employee trying to cash in on some internet points or a discreet marketing effort being pushed by the company? You decide.


The page asserts that "Ferrari's next hot V8" will be unveiled in June, with 699 coupes and 399 convertibles planned. Australian website Drive.com posted earlier today that 799 coupes and 499 convertibles were planned, making us wonder if the account changed the numbers at some point.

As for the car, we first saw it uncovered a week ago, but this new image reveals some interesting new details. The biggest is the long, slim taillight we originally saw on one of the test cars that looks to have made it to production. Gone are the four iconic round taillights, replaced by something that looks pulled from a Bugatti Chiron.

All of the ducts and vents are on full display on the hood, roof, and rear quarters, and it's impossible to miss that massive, fixed rear wing. The wheels, wearing what we believe are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, have kept the wicked-looking, five-spoke design that will definitely help pull hot air away from the massive brakes.


We don't know too much more about the vehicle other than what we've seen, but we can make some educated guesses on some other details like power. The SF90 Stradale uses a hybrid V8 system that combines a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 paired with three electric motors. The system produces a potent 986 horsepower capable of a 0-62 mph of 2.5 seconds. The vehicle is then able to get power to all four wheels thanks to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

We don't see the eight-speed changing at all, but we wouldn't be surprised if the company is able to find more power with a few tweaks to the system. The car is already crazy fast, so maybe the massive amounts of new downforce will be enough to satisfy cravings though.

As for pricing, that's also completely up in the air, but don't be surprised if the company adds $100,000-$200,000 to the base vehicle's $524,815 price.


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