LEAKED: Smart #3 EV Crossover Looks Very Impressive

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Smart has come a long way from building tiny cars that double as fashion accessories.

Images of the upcoming Smart #3 have been leaked via IT Home through Chinese homologation filings and let us see that the brand has come a long way from its fan-favorite microsized two-seaters. The new electric crossover shows off some sleek design cues that draw strong inspiration from its German parent company's current EVs, such as the Mercedes EQA.

The Smart brand is unlikely to ever return to the North American market, so we can't get too excited about this leak, but it is still interesting to see the direction the brand is taking. The Chinese-spec model sports a bold set of monoblock-like wheels, retractable door handles, an interestingly bulky set of door mirrors, and sleek head- and taillights.

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Further design highlights include aggressively styled front and rear bumpers and a coupe-like C-pillar that flows into the hatch. The homologation paperwork reveals that the car measures 174 inches long, 70.8 inches wide, and 63 inches tall. This makes it an attractive proposition for the small SUV segment, of which not many EV variations currently exist.

Mini is hoping to change this with the arrival of its PHEV Countryman, while Jeep is set to introduce its Avenger to the global market outside of the USA. Smart isn't stopping at this segment, though, as the #3 will also be sold with a 177.6-inch-long body. Some may speculate this to be a long-wheelbase model, but the documentation says that this will be a "special traction device," whatever that means.

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The homologation procedure reveals that the Smart #3 will be sold with two electric motor options. Base models will produce 152 horsepower, as found in the #1 supermini crossover. The flagship trim will be good for 264 hp and is identifiable via its hood scoop, lower splitter, and more aggressive faux-air intakes on the bumper. Battery capacities and other key specifications are yet to be revealed. If this vehicle is sold in Europe, we can expect that the 420 hp motor by Brabus will also be applied to this model.

Frustratingly, we don't have any images of the interior, but if the #1 is anything to go by, we can expect it to have minimal clutter with flowing lines and plenty of digitalization. A combination of leather upholstery and plastic trimmings can also be expected. All will be revealed before the car hits the Chinese market in 2023.

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