Leaked Specs Sheet Outlines How Crazy Expensive New BMW M5 Has Gotten


This car is nuts, but are you getting everything you pay for?

BMW chose to release the M5 using a slow cascade of bite-sized bits of information, which serve to continuously renew its name in the headlines and leave us wondering what else is left to learn. We know just about everything there is to know about the big bad Bavarian bruiser—the powertrain that’s responsible for pumping out 600 horsepower, the sophisticated all-wheel drive system that brings the model up to the level of its arch-AMG rival—but we don’t know what’s most important.

That would be it’s price. Now let’s go on record and say that nobody expected the 5er to come cheap, but a leaked order form for a 2018 M5 that’s been posted to BMW fan site Bimmer Post shows us that it’ll surpass the six figure mark and wade further into that region than we'd like it to once options come into play. That’s not exactly a big surprise given that its closest competitor, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, starts at a hefty $104,000, but it’s slightly disappointing to anyone hoping the M5 would undercut the AMG by a significant amount. It's also more fodder for rumors of a collusion between the German automakers, which allege that the companies set pricing and iron out differences between their cars. So how much is the new M5 exactly?

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Don’t expect to pay anything less than $102,600 for a base version of the M5 unless, like the person who posted the order form in the first place, you qualify for the Military Sales/Diplomat price list that cuts it down to $92,000. While there are plenty of options that can make the price balloon well past this six-digit barrier of entry, the base M5 does get quite a few standard options including Active Driving Assistant, a Harmon Kardon surround sound system, heated seating surfaces and a heated steering wheel, and Park Distance Control to keep its pretty face intact. Get liberal with the specs sheet and you could easily find yourself signing a check in the neighborhood of $150,000. Looks like BMW has figured out how to push the M5 past all previous limits.