LEAKED: The Lexus UX Concept Is A Taste Of The Future


We knew this was coming, just not this quickly.

The image of the Yuppie, the young upwardly-mobile professional that is superficial, makes a good income, and lives in the inner city, is one that was laid out plainly for us in Christian Bale's American Psycho. Car phones and exclusive dinner reservations characterized that lifestyle, but times have changed and automakers must stay ahead of the game by predicting what the new wave of urbanites want. It seems Lexus got excited about doing that and decided to leak its newest concept, the UX, a bit prematurely.

We wish we could say we were surprised. Months ago, Lexus trademarked the UX name and we predicted that it would be a smaller SUV to slot under the NX rather than a large seven-seater for large families that can't afford the GX or LX. As the leaked image so plainly shows, we were right. Lexus claims that the UX, set to debut on September 29 at the Paris Motor Show, is aimed at a "progressive, urban audience living in a connected environment." Upon first glance, we can see just how hard Lexus tried to appeal to that demographic. The UX stands out, and not just because it has suicide doors, but because it's full of lines, shapes, curves, and angles that could make the current crop of Lexus vehicles look conservative.

Even the rear lights have a bold smirk that, when combined with the third brake light that sits atop the spoiler, help the car look like a Cyclops at night. One of the most notable features about the car, aside from the buffed up wheel arches, is the fact that the UX seems to lack mirrors. In place of the old technology are cameras. We've predicted that the switch to cameras for side mirrors would happen eventually, especially now that Japan has made them legal, but Lexus is now cementing that prediction with its vision of how its subcompact SUV lineup will change. As with most small SUVs, we're sure that whenever a production version rolls around, it will sell like the reliable hotcake that it is, unlike the CT200h it will likely replace.


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