LEAKED: The New BMW M2 Better Be Fast Because It Ain't Pretty

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The new baby M car looks underdeveloped.

Ever since the BMW 1 Series M Coupe (better known as the 1M) arrived on the market in 2011, the idea of what a BMW M car can be was revolutionized. This masterpiece proved that you could condense the essence of M into a small car, providing it with a healthy dose of power, a fantastic suspension setup, and styling that hinted at its muscle without shouting about it. A perfect recipe.

Then came the M2, the M2 Competition, and the M2 CS. Again, a small body, plenty of power, and great handling were combined with styling that bristled with aggression.

For the 2023 G87 model, we knew that the first two-thirds of the recipe would be well-baked but that perfecting the styling element would be a challenge. Sadly, leaked images show that BMW's designers have failed to meet this challenge.


The image you see above shows that the G-series BMW 2 Series has potential, and we'd argue that the new M2 looks fairly attractive from this angle. For a start, the mirror caps are color-matched to the body, which is painted in a new shade called Zandvoort Blue. Secondly, it appears that BMW has given the new M2 a proper Hofmeister kink in the glasshouse, unlike the weird reinvention that appears on 3 Series-based vehicles. We can also see some bulging in the wheelhouses, and the overall look is distinctive enough to instantly inform onlookers that this isn't a regular 2 Series. But things get worse when you take a closer look.

The below images were uploaded to the Bimmerpost forum but have since been removed, presumably to prevent nausea among forum members (or because BMW is upset that its gargoyle has been unveiled early).


From the front, the 2023 BMW M2 is just plain weird, The headlights look as if they were destined for a different car, and the front fascia seems to be a mix of far too many ideas. Firstly, the top half of the newly-designed bumper looks like it extends beyond the lower grilles from certain angles. Then you take a closer look at the reasonably-sized kidney grilles (if they can still be called that), and you see that these are bordered but that the borders appear to end abruptly to make way for the license plate holder. Moving down, the center opening has strange vanes in it rather than a mesh grille, and the bottommost section is painted black, which makes the bumper look unfinished from a distance.

In our opinion, there are just too many ideas here that just don't work together.

The side view confirms a carbon fiber roof and, oddly, no faux vents on the fenders as are common on an M car. But the back is where we feel the need to lose our lunch.


The squared-yet-rounded theme continues here, but it's somehow worse than the front. The rear bumper looks like it has been inspired by the stop blocks or bumper posts fitted to a train carriage, and the fake vents included here are overdesigned yet are obviously not functional. The taillights have been tinted more than on the regular 2 Series, but that does little to improve a design that looks terrible. We saw a leaked image of the rear before and hoped it would change, but alas, it's not to be.

Sure, we see some cool bucket seats, but BMW has designed something that is unique for all the wrong reasons. It looks like this should be the life-size Lego Technic version of a car, not the final product. And then BMW painted this in a hue that reminds us of a Hyundai N product. It's as if Munich was determined to ensure Chris Bangle won't be its most hated designer, so we look forward to reading the brand's justification when the car is revealed, likely on October 11.


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