LEAKED: The New Pagani C10 Hypercar Before You're Supposed To See It

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Pagani's next hypercar is a stunner!

Pagani, as prestigious as the hypercar builder may be, doesn't exactly have a massive back catalog of models. To date, there have only been two core models within the marque's stable. Technically, the Pagani Huayra is the successor to the Zonda - although we all know that Pagani will be building special edition Zondas until the world ends. But the Huayra is going on ten years old this year, and that means Pagani will be looking at something new. That something new is the hypercar codenamed the C10, and this leaked image is your first look at it.

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Posted via Varryx's Instagram account, the fuzzy image shows a new hypercar that definitely comes from the mind of Horacio Pagani. The image has been confirmed to be an official render of the car from a year and a half ago, which was used to showcase the car to potential clients before they signed the application for reservation - yes, you have to apply to reserve a Pagani, and pay €300,000 ($339,000) for the privilege. According to Varryx, while this image was official, the design has been changed subsequently, so what the final product may look like is anyone's guess.

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Certain things are very clear in the image, such as the delicate wing mirror stalks that have become a signature of the brand, and the twin-pod headlight design. Pronounced wheel arches are pushed out towards the corners of the C10, while a roof scoop is visible between two glass panels, indicating a means of forcing air into the mid-mounted engine.

Speaking of the engine, we know that the Huayra R's specially developed 6.0-liter V12 will not be going into the C10 as was confirmed to CarBuzz in 2021. However, the Huayra R has served as a testbed for a lot of the tech that will feature in the C10.

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Instead, the C10 will use a Mercedes-AMG-sourced twin-turbo V12 measuring 6.0 liters in displacement, and will allegedly be offered with both manual and sequential gearboxes. The power output is expected to be between 850 and 880 horsepower and the C10 will not be hybridized. The platform for the C10 will be capable of supporting a fully electric powertrain, however, as Horacio confirmed.

Around 280 C10s will be built, with an official reveal happening after June this year.

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