LEAKED: These Are The 2023 Ford Maverick's Color Choices

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Ford has killed some great colors for 2023.

Automotive Touchup has dropped another leak. This isn't some company with insiders across the auto industry leaking info, either. The brand is a paint company, which makes sense when you take into account that it has leaked the color choices for the 2023 Ford Maverick.

Funnily enough, Automotive Touchup has come up before, when it leaked the Bronco's 11 color options. We imagine that at this rate, the brand will be getting a letter from Ford. Either way, we have a few color losses to be bummed about.

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From the looks of things, Cyber Orange, shared with the Bronco, will be taking a hike. So will Carbonized Gray, Hot Pepper Red, Velocity Blue, and Shadow Black. Frankly, that's a good chunk of the good colors on the Maverick. And there's only one reason Ford would ax them: poor sales. The Hot Pepper Red we had on our loaner was particularly attractive. We'll also miss Cyber Orange, one of Ford's better colors.

Alto Blue, Area 51, Oxford White, and Iconic Silver will all be carried over from the 2022 model year. Notably, that leaves the new lineup without any reds. Which is unfortunate. However, we do expect Ford to keep something red in the lineup. We hope. Here's the full run of 2023 Maverick colors: Oxford White, Absolute Black, Fighter Jet Grey (same as Cactus Grey), Atlas Blue Pearl Metallic, Area 51, Avalanche, Iconic Silver Metallic, and Alto Blue Pearl.

That's a good spread, but no red is a downer when you consider the price jump. 2023 Mavs will cost you an extra $1,000, and having fewer colors to choose from (some of which are optional) doesn't help that sting any less.

Front View Driving Ford
Front View Driving Ford

For now, that has done nothing to slow demand. Ford was recently forced to bump a number of 2022 orders to 2023. The anticipation for the opening of the 2023 order books has been notably high, and finding one on a dealer lot is basically impossible.

For now, if you want any of the colors Ford is offering on the Maverick, you're going to have to either shell out some serious cash or find a way to make nice with your dealer. Which means you may want to take down that post flaming them over the markup you saw in the showroom last week.

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