LEAKED: This Is BMW's Ultimate Flagship, The M8 Competition

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If the M850i isn't enough for you, just wait for this.

BMW has made it no secret that there will be a hardcore M8 model to sit above the current M850i Coupe in the lineup. The M8 will use the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 found in the M5, producing at least 600 horsepower. Clearly, the M8 will be no slouch but speculation has already begun on an even more hardcore M8 Competition model.

Thanks to German Car Forum, we can now see exactly what the M8 Competition will look like in several leaked images. Behold, this is BMW's ultimate flagship - the M8 Competition.

First off, we can clearly spot the word 'Competition' below the M8 badge, so we can say with certainty this isn't the standard M8. In addition to the clearly visible badge, the Competition model also features carbon fiber accents including the air intakes on the front bumper and the rear diffuser. The car also features a carbon fiber roof which should be standard on all M8 models. M8 Competition models will also come equipped with a carbon fiber rear spoiler, which will also be optional on the standard M8.

The black wheels, tailpipes, and side mirrors further differentiate the M8 Competition from the standard car. Sources close to BMW say the M8 Competition will arrive alongside the standard car, so you won't have to pound your head against the wall when your M8 order finally arrives, just as the Competition is announced.

Inside, we can see the M8 Competition has a more aggressive interior than the M850i, though it still retains some of its luxury elements. The seats look similar to those found in the current M3, albeit with what looks like more cushioning and a more luxurious stitching pattern. There is also plenty of carbon fiber on the center console and the M8 Competition sports unique controls including a new shifter, red starter button, and red M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel.

Expect the M8 Competition to be officially revealed in March at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, though these leaks may tempt BMW to reveal it earlier.


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