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LEAKED: This Is The 2020 Toyota Supra!

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This is what the fifth-gen Supra looks like in the metal.

The endless months of teasers and camouflaged test cars have come to an end a bit sooner than Toyota would have liked, because here we have the very first completely undisguised image of the fifth-gen Toyota Supra.

SupraMKV.com forum member Supra93 uploaded a picture of the silver 2020 Supra in what appears to be a shipping container, with the car cover pulled all the way back we get to see the front of the car properly for the first time and it looks good. Very good.

The final design may not come as a complete surprise though, as we have had a lot of time to analyse the camouflaged model that made its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year as well as the race-spec Gazoo Racing Supra concept vehicle and numerous renders too.

Still, seeing the finished product in a simple silver paint job highlights the subtle design cues that remind us more than just a little bit of the fourth-gen A80 model. It also clearly draws much of its inspiration from the 2014 FT-1 concept car.

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This new model may share a lot of its DNA with the new BMW Z4, but Toyota engineers are at pains to point out that the Supra will have its own unique personality and while its exterior design is clearly nothing like the BMW roadsters, it will also differ in other ways too.

For example, the Supra is debuting as a coupe whereas the Z4 is likely to retain its convertible top for the foreseeable future and there are also rumors of a manual transmission being a Supra-only option too. The official reveal is going to take place at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January when we will finally discover all the details on this long-awaited replacement for the iconic twin-turbo A80.