LEAKED: This Is The Name Of Ferrari's New Supercar

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Turns out it's not called the GTO, Versione Speciale, or Imola.

This week, Ferrari gave us a first official look at the new hardcore 812 Superfast, but we already knew it was coming thanks to numerous prototype sightings and leaked images. Before it debuts on May 5, Ferrari confirmed the special-edition 812 Superfast will have the most powerful V12 ever fitted to a road-going Ferrari along with enhanced aerodynamics. But there's still one detail that remains a mystery: the model name.

Several different names have been floating around, including the GTO and Versione Speciale. More recently, a website domain registration seemed to suggest it will be called the Imola, named after Italy's famous race track. Thanks to a leaked logo, we now finally know the name of Ferrari's new special-edition supercar.

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A leaked image of the car's logo shared by Ed Callow seemingly confirms the hardcore 812 Superfast will be called the "812 Competizione," which is Italian for "Competition." This seems like a fitting name considering the 812 is more track-focused than the standard 812 Superfast. Several Ferrari race cars have been given the Competizione moniker including the F40 Competizione and 275 Competizione, as well as the one-off Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione. A separate "Competizione A" logo also supports claims that the hardcore 812 will be sold as a fixed-roof coupe and an open-top Aperta.

So far, we know the 812 Competizione will be powered by a potent V12 that produces 818 horsepower, up from the 788 hp and 529 lb-ft of torque generated by the 812 Superfast's 6.5-liter V12 engine.

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It will sound incredible, too, as it revs all the way to 9,050 rpm, making it Ferrari's highest-revving road car ever. Performance specifications are being kept under wraps, but with more power and less weight, the Competizione variant should be faster than its Superfast sibling, which will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and max out at 211 mph.

As for the exterior, you can easily tell the Competizione apart from the regular Superfast thanks to its larger front air intakes, a carbon fiber blade that adorns the hood, and an aluminum panel that replaces the rear glass. Thanks to the car's four-wheel steering, the 812 Competizione will be even more enjoyable to drive. We can't wait to find out more details when the Ferrari 812 Competizione debuts on May 5.

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