LEAKED: This Is The New Mercedes-Maybach Luxury Coupe Concept

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It is almost 19 feet of futuristic luxury.

In the automotive world, sometimes smaller is better. But when you're teasing an ultra-luxury coupe concept, the best way to get everyone talking is by making it longer, not shorter. Mercedes-Benz did, capturing the attention of everyone by teasing images of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 and letting the world know that it will be "almost 6 meters of ultimate luxury." The concept was tipped to debut at Pebble Beach, but Carscoops got its hands on leaked images of the car before its official reveal. Are you ready for almost 19 feet of futuristic luxury?


Ready or not the car is here. As we predicted it's a concept in the truest form. On the outside the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 looks like it could exist in today's world, but the interior proves that this car was built for a time not our own. Carscoops didn't score any details, so all we have to go off of are the leaked photos. The concept has a dashboard design that wraps around the entire cabin, with the seats consisting of two separate pieces, with the bottom part of the seat stretching up into the door. It looks like Mercedes has opted to keep the gauge cluster traditional, although it appears as though all relevant information about the car, maps, infotainment, etc… is displayed on the windshield.

We can't even begin to guess what that translucent tube connecting the dash to the center armrest is for, so don't ask. Back outside the design is a bit more traditional, with the concept sporting awesome gullwing doors. Large air intakes are present front and back along with a beefy diffuser in the rear. The barely there headlight design revealed earlier inspiring the look of the lights in the rear. It'll be interesting to see how wide this thing is in person (we know it's long). The hood alone looks to be the size of a kei car and the back end seems to be only slightly skinnier. We'll soon have in-the-metal photos to share, but for now drool over these leaked images and let us know what you think of this concept in the comments.


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