Leaked! This Is The New VW Golf R

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And it's got huge exhaust tips.

Volkswagen may be on a new path these days, looking to electrify its future and clean up its emissions, but for gearheads who love hot hatches, the new Golf is still just a runaround and isn't as interesting as the Golf R. We've been waiting to see the car fully revealed for some time, having gotten a good of idea of its styling from numerous spy shots of the car testing in minimal camouflage. Now Cochespias has come across more detailed photos that highlight the rear end, wheels, and new steering wheel. Based on these pics, the new Golf R will not disappoint.


The first pic is arguably the best, showing off the Golf R's new rear end. The first thing that jumps out at you is the exhaust and diffuser arrangement, with the quad tips in the image appearing very similar to the optional Akrapovic tips that were available on the Mk. 7.5 R in some markets. The diffuser is certainly the most aggressive ever fitted to a factory Golf and improves the otherwise tall and narrow look of the rear. The new R logo is also in the center, below the new VW logo, while smoked taillights finish off the clean rear end.

Next up is the new wheel and brake setup, which features drilled rotors and those trademark blue calipers housed behind a new Y-spoke design. The diamond face of the wheels will never stand up well to curb rash, and the old model's Pretoria wheels were arguably sportier, but hey, if Volkswagen doesn't experiment with new designs then we'll call its designers lazy.

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The final image depicts the new Golf R steering wheel with large paddles for gearshifts, blue accents and stitching, and numerous touch-sensitive buttons that are undoubtedly going to be huge fingerprint magnets. We also get a look at what we assume is a sporty setting for the driver info display, with a dynamic rev counter across the top of the screen. We know it's not as cool as the rotating display in the McLaren 765LT, but it certainly will make drivers feel like they're in something special. Nevertheless, the entire car takes on a much more modern and rounded design, in every detail.

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