LEAKED: This Is The Volvo EX30 Before You're Supposed To See It

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Sweden's compact electric crossover is shaping up to be quite the looker.

Leaked patent images of the new Volvo EX30 have given us our first proper glimpse at the compact electric crossover. Shared on cochespias.net, the design patents preview a stylish EV that borrows design cues from the larger EX90, a luxury electric SUV revealed last year.

The front end is a drastic departure for Volvo. The sculpted headlights are familiar and feature an arrow-shaped cluster that extends into the fascia. The lack of a traditional radiator grille may be jarring for some, but it appears the EX30 will debut with a prominent design feature that flows from the headlights and into the upper parts of the bumper. The addition of the Volvo badging will probably give the crossover a more complete look.


Overall, it resembles the EX90, but there are also hints of Polestar 3 in the front fascia. As a reminder, the EX30 is expected to use Geely's Scalable Electric Architecture (SEA) platform, which also underpins the Smart #1 and the funky Zeekr X.

The side profile of the EX30 resembles the XC40 Recharge, another subcompact EV from the Swedish brand. The placement of the side mirror and the window line is pretty much the same as the XC40. The EX30 does have a few unique touches, though. The prominent wheel arches protrude considerably and even affect the frunk line. The baby Volvo EV also sports a different character line on the lower parts of the doors.

Interestingly, the automaker has elected to stick with traditional door handles instead of the flush-fitting examples found on the EX90 and several other EVs. This usually saves range as the design is more aerodynamic, but Volvo is probably trying to keep costs down with this entry-level model.


The Polestar influence is most prominent at the rear, where the two-piece taillights are connected by a dual light bar that expands the width of the trunk lid. While similar to the XC40, the roof line does appear to be sleeker and tapers off toward the rear.

Look carefully, and you'll spot an additional set of lights on either side of the rear screen. These will most likely serve as daytime-running lamps and auxiliary rear lights. We've already seen what this looks like in the latest teaser, which previews the dual rear clusters in the dark.


Volvo has positioned the charging port on the left rear side of the vehicle, much like its larger siblings.

The patent images also show the EX30 will be offered with a glass roof. We're guessing this will be an optional extra or exclusive to high-end models. There are no patent images of the interior but, from what we've seen, it will be a classy affair.

With the EX30, Volvo is targeting younger clients and first-time buyers. It plans to do so with affordable pricing and a unique subscription model, that should appeal to tech-savvy consumers.

The full reveal is just a month away, so all the EX30's secrets will be revealed soon.


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