LEAKED: This Is When The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Will Launch

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It's coming soon.

Hyundai's new all-electric Ioniq sub-brand is going to be a very important part of the company's strategy moving forward. Just the announcement of this new focus on EVs has already paid dividends, and with the all-new Ioniq 5 set to offer plenty of power and range, excitement surrounding the future of the Korean automaker's plans is at an all-time high. We can't wait to get our hands on the Ioniq 5, but when exactly can we expect to see the full vehicle's reveal?

Thanks to a now-deleted video that has been replaced with one mentioning the date as simply "mid-February," we have the exact date and time of the stunning EV's premiere.

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As the screenshot above shows, full details of the Ioniq 5 will be revealed via an online event taking place on February 2 at 7 am GMT. That's 11 pm on February 1 on the west coast and 2 am on February 2 on the east coast. The vehicle in the video is not the exact spec that we'll get to drive here in the USA because we can see wing-mounted cameras instead of legislation's requirement of actual mirrors, but the rest of the car is almost certain to carry over - including those high-tech headlights and taillights.


Exactly how those taillights - which span the entire width of the car - will be used is yet to be seen, but some theories point to them creating an animated display - similar to how the lights on the Audi RS6 Avant come alive when unlocking or locking the car. Other guesses include the idea that the entire system will light up red under hard braking or turn white when reversing. With lighting technology advancing at a rate hitherto unseen, the possibilities are endless. No matter how these lights end up being used, this is going to be one good-looking machine.


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