LEAKED: Toyota GR Corolla Hitting Dealerships Soon

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A rumor indicated units will begin arriving at dealers this October.

The Toyota GR Corolla is America's new 300-hp hot hatch darling, and as such, it's a pretty hotly-anticipated car. That's especially true given how Toyota intends to handle GR Corolla deliveries and pricing. Toyota has ordered its dealers not to take too many orders well ahead of the car's arrival. "We have places right now, and parts of the country where there are so many orders being taken, we have to stop," said Jack Hollis, Senior VP of Automotive Operations at Toyota Motor NA.

Toyota has also taken a soft stance on excessive dealer markups in the past, which has been less than confidence-inspiring for real buyers. We'll be finding out how all this GR Corolla insanity will shake out in October, at least according to a photo of what looks to be an internal memo.

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The photo was taken by an employee at a Toyota dealership, at least according to their Facebook profile. Still, it's unconfirmed as of now and should be treated as such. The report lists out what Toyota vehicles will be arriving in a presumed region, along with which month they'll be arriving in. We can't confirm if these dates are either regional or national right now.

But what's important is that the GR Corolla is slated to arrive at a South Carolina Toyota dealer in October. However, despite that, there won't be many showing up anywhere at any point. Toyota is making the GR Corolla an incredibly exclusive car, proving that even when Toyota gets something right, it can still get a lot wrong.

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Toyota is hand-building the GR Corolla in the brand's Motomachi, Japan factory, with only 6,500 of these cars set to leave the showroom come the end of this year. Next year, and every year after for the rest of the GR's lifespan, only 8,000 units will leave the Motomachi plant yearly.

Obviously, that gives us quite a lot of concern in regard to markups and pricing. Toyota's soft stance on markups, combined with insane hype and limited availability means the GR Corolla won't be a fun enthusiast car for the masses just like a PlayStation5. It'll be one for the wealthy, which kind of defeats the point of setting out to upstage a nonexistent Subaru WRX STI in the first place, doesn't it?

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