LEAKED: Two New Type S Models Will Join The TLX

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Here's when you can expect them.

The 2021 Acura TLX is a huge deal for the Acura brand as it brings back the performance Type S nameplate. Acura still hasn't confirmed how much power the new TLX Type S will make but the car was benchmarked against the Audi S4, so we'd predict around 350 horsepower. While some enthusiasts were hoping for more, this will be a worthy return to the luxury pseudo-performance realm for Acura.

In fact, the TLX Type S will only be the beginning of Acura's return to sportier models, as leaked information from Acurazine seemingly confirms. A 52-minute video was posted to the website's forum and was initially intended by Acura to be seen by dealership networks only.

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The key point of the presentation was to tell dealers how the Acura brand plans to increase its US sales to 200,000 units by 2022. For reference, Acura sold 157,385 cars in 2019, which was down slightly from 158,934 cars in 2018. Acura has not hit the 200,000-unit mark in the US since 2006. Around 37 minutes into the presentation, Acura gets very specific on how it intends to increase sales. Fortunately for enthusiasts, the plan involves multiple Type S models.

In addition to the recently-revealed TLX Type S, the presentation mentions Type S variants of the next-generation MDX and a "New Compact Sedan." This compact sedan could be a replacement for the now-aging ILX, which is based on the last generation Civic. We expect the MDX Type S to use the same 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 from the TLX Type S but perhaps the compact sedan Type S could use the same engine from the next-generation Honda Civic Type R.


There may also be another reason why Acura didn't just call this new vehicle by the ILX name in the presentation. This could be Acura's subtle way of teasing that it will bring back the Integra name rather than build a new ILX. Acura has already said the Integra name could return but it would have to be with "the right product." A new Type S with the heart of a Type R could fit the bill. The compact RDX crossover is listed on the presentation as well, but it doesn't look to be getting a Type S variant, meaning the A-Spec will be the sportiest RDX in the lineup.

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Source Credits: Acurazine

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