LEAKED: Volkswagen Patents Radical Car With No Windshield


Does the company really have the guts to build this?

Germany is gearing up for a blitzkrieg on the automobile with each of its major auto manufacturers cooking up road going revolutions for the assembly line in their design studios. The latest of these planned futuristic vehicles comes in the form of images submitted for patent on the World Intellectual Properties Organization's website. The images of computer renderings were sent to the site by Volkswagen and uncovered by VW forum VWVortex.

European Union Intellectual Property Office

Dissecting this specimen is tough because it's an alien life form with attractive and intelligent design that does wonders for the imagination. The most head-scratching feature is the lack of a windshield, probably alluding to the fact that no human will play the role of pilot in this car. The rest of the vehicle seems to be inspired by oceanic creatures and exotic cars, albeit with aerodynamics taking a larger precedence. A wide flat front end and retractable fin make the Volkswagen look like a hammerhead shark, but when looking at the side profile, there is a hint of Lamborghini. Gullwing doors are all but assured thanks to the hinges on the roof, which mean that this mystery vehicle is likely a two-door autonomous electric car.

Still, the door silhouette runs the length of the cabin, meaning that the vehicle likely has at least two rows of seating that can be accessed individually thanks to one large opening. While the company hasn't released a word on what this machine could be, there's almost no doubt that it's a concept car that will be released at a future auto show. The other big question is, which of Volkswagen's brands is this concept from? Some speculation says that Porsche could see its release, given that it bears at least a slight resemblance to the Mission E (and will probably share its technology), but Audi or Volkswagen itself are the more likely parents. We'll have to wait until a big auto show that VW can afford before we find out so for now, let's not rule out Geneva.

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