Leaked Window Sticker Reveals Honda Civic Type R Will Start At $34,775


Not bad for a Nurburgring record holder.

We weren’t the least bit surprised when Honda released UK pricing of the Civic Type R and saw that it undercuts its rivals by a few thousand dollars. Not that the Type R is any less of a car, especially not with a fancy Nurburgring record under its belt, but the fact that engineers decided to keep its front-wheel drive system intact rather than go with an expensive and heavy all-wheel drive setup that its rivals have meant that Honda could spend less to build it.

Any car company in its right mind would pass those savings on to the consumer, especially in a segment like this. Praise all that's holy because that’s just what Honda has done. A leaked image of the 2017 Type R's window sticker was posted to CivicX.com, taken by a member that spotted a flock of Type Rs at port ready to be loaded onto a ship. Prior to being loaded, a man was affixing Monroney stickers to the car, which the member took a picture of. The one we see here clearly shows the 306 horsepower track car priced at $34,775. This particular model comes in Touring trim, and the fact that its trim level had to be designated could mean there are trims higher or lower than this (even though the Touring package is the highest on the standard Civic).

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Honda fans should be satisfied when comparing prices with Type R competitors because just like the Type R’s UK pricing, it comes in cheaper than the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R—$2,000 and $5,500 less respectively to be exact. How buyers will react to these savings has yet to be seen, especially given that Honda hasn’t released further pricing information, which should answer our question as to whether or not there are other available (and possibly cheaper) Type R trims. Once the Civic Type R is roaming the tracks, only a proper comparison will determine the real winner, but given the hardware and additional extras (listed in full on the Monroney), we’d wager nobody who buys the Type R will be disappointed.