Learn How The Very First Camaro Was Found And Painstakingly Restored

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Yes, we're talking about the very first Camaro here.

Camaro N100001 is obviously a very special car. It is, in fact, the very first Chevrolet Camaro ever built. That happened back in 1967, and the Camaro, as we all know, has earned its rightful place in American automotive history. But what exactly happened to the first Camaro after it was used as a GM display model? It actually ended up in the hands of a Chevrolet dealer based out of Oklahoma and, fortunately, someone there recognized it for what it was. But it's had several owners since then.

One guy even stripped it down and used it as a drag racer. Seriously. Fortunately, Camaro N100001 has now been fully restored. Pilot Car Registry created this video detailing the car's history and how it was brought back to its original glory.

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