Learner Driver With No Insurance Has To Watch Gold Maserati Get Towed

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If you can afford an all-gold Maserati why can't you afford insurance?

Police in London have been cracking down hard on supercar owners who flout the law. Case in point: This gold Maserati GranCabrio that was towed for not having insurance. Motoring Research first spotted the story, which the Kingston Police broke on Twitter with a funny photo of the Maserati on a flat-bed tow truck. The caption read: Gold Maserati with L-Plates seized by Kingston officers this morning! #NoInsuranceNoCar. The Gold Maserati in question is owned by a young Arab man, this according to the Daily Mail.

The car has been creating quite the stir on social media this summer, with many people commenting on its L-plates. This signifies that the driver is freshly minted and is holding a provisional license. It's about the same as having a permit in the US, with the driver needing to be accompanied by a licensed adult age 21 or older whenever they hop behind the wheel. Kids do stupid stuff all the time, including driving without insurance. But getting your beater Civic impounded is a little less embarrassing than watching your gold Maserati convertible ride away on top of a tow truck. It's not a stretch of the imagination to say that the owner of this ride should be able to pay the tow fee of £150 ($195) and the daily impound fee of £25 ($32). Photo by Jenny Woolf.

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