Learning To Race In A Ferrari 488 Challenge Car Is A Dream Come True

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Especially when amateurs must first master drifting in a "regular" 488 GTB.

It's a sad thing to admit, but the truth of the matter is that most people never get to live out their life's greatest dreams. These can include anything from making it out of the small town and traveling the world to learning how to race a fast car. More sad still is the notion that most Ferrari owners never take their pride rides to the race track or the long canyon roads and instead subject them to a life behind a garage door with the occasional trip out on the town to show off.

Money, it seems, does not always make dreams come true even if it's perfectly capable of doing so. Thankfully Roadshow gets the chance of a lifetime-the opportunity to learn how to race in a track day steed, a Ferrari 488 Challenge.

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It simultaneously guarantees that the Ferrari is driven as violently as Enzo intended and that this driver can live out their dream of being in Ferrari's good graces. Not only is the car perfect for learning how to race, but Ferrari has started its own racing school all based around teaching drivers how to maneuver their 488 Challenge cars as if they had the slightest hope of being the next Lewis Hamilton. Before getting the keys to the Challenge, Ferrari forces a driver to demonstrate proficiency behind the wheel of a "normal" 488 GTB. What a burden. After a few sets of tires and lessons from a grand master, it's go time…

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